School Campus


Wonderland for our Children

School Building 

The Learning School is spread over a sprawling area of about seven acres. It is a purpose-built campus comprising beautiful lawns, playgrounds, and one double-storied Academic Block having an activity room, a computer lab, a Science lab, a Library, a Canteen, and a Staffroom. The lush green lawns and imposing brick-red building uniquely charm The Learning School. The classrooms are airy, naturally lighted, and fitted with all amenities required for a present-day learning environment.

The students feel in harmony with nature while studying in their classrooms, overlooking the fields. Likewise, it ensured that students and teachers felt an air of freshness and space while entering the campus.

The school has fifty-eight classrooms, Canteen, Book Shop, and Two large playgrounds. Both playgrounds are specified for the use of specific age groups and are well-equipped.

There is no compromise on the quality of education, and the class size is limited to twenty-five to thirty students. 

Class Room Environment

When the campus was designed, the architects ensured that the classrooms would be airy, light, safe, and comfortable for students of all ages. The size of each school is 16 x 24 sq feet. There are two wooden doors and two windows which promise good ventilation. In addition, there are three ceiling fans, tube lights, one whiteboard for writing the lessons by the teachers, and one notice board for clipping notices about the classes or the activities being held at school.

The corridor linking the classes is spacious and has verandahs in each section; it is 8 feet wide to ensure students can quickly move inside the campus. In addition, four lobbies in the corners (ground and first floor) are modified for Teachers' Rooms for copy checking, and at the same time, they can observe the students in the corridors.  

Each classroom has a different colour scheme for the walls and the furniture. Each student has his desk, a spacious rack to keep his books, and a hook to hang his bag. The seating arrangement is changed regularly to ensure that every student is given equal attention and the teacher can take care of him. The teachers do not have a chair in the classroom but a nice wooden lecture stand. It is ensured that the teacher teaches acting and makes the students participate well in the class.

The administration has arranged assistant teachers and lady helpers for the students in junior classes (Kindergarten and nursery) to assist the teachers in their lessons. The associate teachers help the teachers directly by making sure that the students pay full attention, and the helpers take the students to the toilets and offer them help in managing their books, having lunch, and other activities. These methods have been adapted to ensure students enjoy their learning on campus.

The standard class size varies from twenty-five to thirty students. In addition, there are fifty-eight classrooms on campus. 

Computer Lab

Modern education is nothing without computers. Therefore, the Learning School established two Computer labs with 25 fully equipped computers. The lab aimed to familiarize the students with the latest technology and software. Computer studies is a compulsory part of the curriculum taught at school from the first grade. However, Class 9th and 10th opted to skip this subject if they did not plan to pursue computers as their specialization.

The computer teachers at The Learning School are highly qualified for the job and make the students much more comfortable using computers as a tool for learning. Furthermore, the administration claims that the education provided to the students about computers is not less than that supplied to the pupils in any English medium school.

Science Lab

The Learning School has a Science lab for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics according to the standard described by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore. Therefore, students can understand the theory they are studying through their practicals. The Learning School has about eight science teachers having master's degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. TLS is the only school with such science teachers in the area as it is very difficult to find qualified science teachers from the area, so we have hired their services from Lahore. TLS is providing them with a reasonable salary and pick-drop facility from Lahore.


The Learning school library is divided into two parts. The 1st one is the "main library," which comprises more than 7800 books, magazines, and periodicals on various school subjects (primary, elementary and secondary). Besides it, the 2nd portion is "Classroom Libraries," Students are issued books through their class and subject teachers based on their assignments and topics of discussion. The vocabulary acquired, in turn, is also utilized. The students can also use and write high-frequency words learned through these books.

Donate Books & Eliminate Guns
We would appreciate you donating the books to the Learning School Library.

Play grounds

The Learning School is proud to have extensive play is for the students. However, it is unfair to make students from all grades share a common playing area, so the playground is divided into two sections; The first part is one-third of the total area and is for students from nursery to class four and the second part of the ground is fully equipped according to the need of older students.

As the children in younger classes (from nursery to class 4th) are not so mature and need special care during the recess period or during their games time, teachers and security guards are directed to supervise their activities during their visit to the playground. Beautifully shaped flowers and mowed grass provide an elegant look. Several trees in this area have been planted by the honorable guests who visited on special occasions at The Learning School and reminded us of the memorable events of the school's history.

A swimming pool with marble tiles for the younger souls is available for summer seIn addition, then. The students have learned how to take care of the environment around them. There have been very few cases when a pupil is seen plucking a flower, littering around the ground, or damaging the garden.

The two-thirds area of the playground is allocated for Class Five to Class Ten students. Students can play cricket, football, or other healthy sports. Students of TLS mostly love to race. Physical Education Teacher monitors the children in the playground and coaches the students regularly.

Thus the need for a beautiful and well-equipped sports field is not neglected in The Learning School. The school's occupation is used for sports and is equipped with a wide portable stage and is used for some events held at school. 


The administration of The Learning School ensures that the students do not have any difficulty purchasing the books and stationery required throughout the academic year. The school has a shop where books, uniforms, and stationery items are readily available at discounted prices throughout the year. The school's administration handles this shop and purchases the books directly from the publisher. This shop offers a handsome discount to the students on buying books. The income of the shop adds to the funds of the school.

Also, the school's administration has made a canteen which sells delicious eatables on the campus. A private vendor runs this canteen, but the administration thoroughly checks the quality and ensures that the students get cheap but healthy food cooked under the most hygienic conditions. As a result, the canteen rates are even lower than the market rates.