Democratic Values

Democratic norms at TLS

The Learning School is an institute that believes in teamwork and self-responsibility by creating an environment of competition and appreciation rather than threats and punishments from Principals to guards & teachers to students.

Students are grouped into four houses, namely Iqbal House, Jinnah House, Fatima House, and Ayesha House, for all their activities and evaluation linearly and horizontally divided into three sections for administrative purposes, namely Junior Section, Middle Section, and High Section in this way each class belongs to a particular department and house.

Each house competes with others throughout the year, from the morning assembly, discipline, class cleanliness, and sports to academics. And the mistake of one or a group of students can reduce the marks and achievement of one student, or a group of a student can increase and add up effects. And the house scoring the maximum marks is declared the house of the year at the end of the session. Thus, each student's self-responsibility as students are a check on each other.

To inculcate leadership & democracy among the students following student administration is working. Any student scoring 70% marks can apply for class posts, while for higher positions, most senior concerned classes of the same eligibility can apply.

All the Teachers, Administrative staff, Ayas, Guards, and Drivers were evaluated through separate proforma, which contain measurable points; thus, five being max and zero m in issues which is ultimately associated with further pay rise apart from the regular increments.

Section heads are supposed to fill out the proforma, and teachers sign their respective proforma if they agree, or they can appeal to the Principal for non-satisfaction; hence the matter is brought to a solution with logical reasoning and documentary proves, if yet not satisfied, can apply to the Trust (KDT) for the final appeal through a written application forwarded by the Principal.

At the end of the year, the Best Teacher of each section, Best Administrative Staff, Best Ayas, Best Driver & Best Guard are declared with an award of an honorary Shield.