Chairman KDT

Chairman KDT - Dr Noor Ahmed Akhtar

Welcome to our website. Success as blessed to me and my friends motivated us to find some ways and means to express our gratitude to Allah. In this process, we all agreed to the fact that education is the key to the progress of mankind and we were moved by the dearth of quality Educational Institutions in our ancestral district – Kasur. For addressing this situation, Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust was established in 2002 as a voluntary social program which is NOT FOR PROFIT.

All incomes of the Trust are mandated and pumped back into the cause of education. The Trust enjoys the support of many distinguished and notable people (whose views are available on this website). Promptly after the creation of the Trust, work on its first project- The Learning School started in February 2002 and was completed in a record period of two months i.e. in April the same year. Right from the planning stage The Learning School is ordained to play the role of The Premier Educational institution in the area and has been equipped with all requisites for delivering the mandate.

We demonstrate our commitment to “Learning” by working as a community and striving for continuous improvement in all that we promise by making efforts to achieve common goals and honoring everyone's views. We believe that each child can succeed by experiencing quality in a broad and challenging curriculum. Therefore an enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits, a stimulating learning environment, a rich up to date range of learning resources, innovative teaching, an investigative approach to learning and learning partnerships between school, home, and the community are important components of our system of imparting education. Over the next few years, we wish to carry this cause further as the trust envisages to upgrade “The Learning School” to the level of the university. This will not only help in spreading the light of knowledge but also provide a chance for the less-privileged people of this area to get quality education virtually free of cost.

Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar
Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust
Noor Hospital, Kot Radha Kishen
Kasur - Pakistan

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