School Campus


Wonderland for our Children

School Building 

The Learning School spans seven acres of purpose-built campus, featuring lush lawns, playgrounds, and a double-storied Academic Block. This block houses essential facilities including an activity room, computer lab, Science lab, Library, Canteen, and Staffroom. The striking brick-red building and sprawling lawns add to the school's unique charm, providing an inviting atmosphere for learning.
With airy, naturally lit classrooms overlooking scenic fields, students enjoy a harmonious connection with nature while studying. The campus exudes a sense of freshness and spaciousness, ensuring a conducive learning environment for students and teachers.
Comprising fifty-eight classrooms, a Canteen, a shop, and two large playgrounds designated for specific age groups, the school prioritizes quality education without compromise. Class sizes are limited to twenty-five to thirty students, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning experiences.
Class Room Environment
When designing the campus, architects prioritized creating airy, well-lit, safe, and comfortable classrooms suitable for students of all ages. Each classroom measures 16 x 24 sq feet and features two wooden doors, two windows for ventilation, three ceiling fans, tube lights, a whiteboard for lessons, and a notice board for class activities.
Spacious corridors with verandahs ensure easy movement within the campus, while four corner lobbies on both floors serve as Teachers' Rooms for copy checking and student supervision. Classrooms are colour-coordinated with individual student desks, racks for books, and bag hooks. Regular changes in seating arrangements promote equal attention to every student and encourage active participation.
Junior classes benefit from assistant teachers and lady helpers who assist with lessons, ensure student attention, and provide support with various activities. These measures enhance the learning experience and ensure student enjoyment on campus. The campus boasts fifty-eight classrooms with an average class size ranging from twenty-five to thirty students.

Computer Lab

The Learning School recognizes the indispensable role of computers in modern education, establishing two fully equipped Computer labs with 25 computers each. These labs familiarize students with the latest technology and software, with computer studies being a mandatory part of the curriculum starting from the first grade. However, students in Classes 9th and 10th can exclude this subject if they do not intend to specialize in computers.
Staffed by highly qualified computer teachers, The Learning School ensures students become adept at using computers as a learning tool. The administration asserts that the computer education provided to students is on par with that offered in any English medium school, emphasizing the importance of integrating technology seamlessly into the learning process.

Science Lab

The Learning School boasts fully equipped Science labs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, meeting the standards set by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore. These labs enable students to complement theoretical knowledge with practical applications, enhancing their understanding of scientific concepts. With approximately eight dedicated science teachers holding master's degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, TLS stands out as the only school in the area to offer such expertise. Given the challenge of finding qualified science teachers locally, TLS has recruited professionals from Lahore, offering competitive salaries and providing transportation for their convenience.


The Learning School library is divided into two sections. The first is the "main library," housing over 4,000 books, magazines, and periodicals covering various school subjects from primary to secondary levels. In addition, there are "Classroom Libraries" where their class issues students books and subject teachers to support their assignments and discussions. This practice enhances their vocabulary and encourages the use of high-frequency words learned from these books.
Donate Books & Promote Education
We welcome donations of books to enrich the Learning School Library and support education.

Play grounds

The Learning School takes pride in its expansive playgrounds tailored to suit students of all ages. Recognizing the importance of age-appropriate play areas, the playground is divided into two sections. The first section, accounting for one-third of the total area, is designated for students from nursery to fourth grade. Here, special attention is given to supervision, ensuring the safety and well-being of younger children during playtime. Adorned with beautifully shaped flowers and well-maintained grass, this area holds special significance, with trees planted by distinguished guests marking memorable events in the school's history.
For the younger students, a swimming pool with marble tiles offers respite during the summer months, fostering both recreation and environmental awareness. With dedicated supervision and guidance, instances of misconduct such as littering or damage to the garden are rare.
The larger portion of the playground, reserved for students from fifth to tenth grade, provides ample space for various sports activities including cricket, football, and races. Under the watchful eye of a Physical Education Teacher, students engage in regular coaching sessions, promoting physical fitness and healthy competition. Furthermore, the school's outdoor space is utilized for events, with a portable stage enhancing its versatility. The Learning School remains committed to providing a beautiful and well-equipped sports field to cater to the holistic development of its students.


The administration of The Learning School prioritizes students' convenience by ensuring easy access to books and stationery throughout the academic year. A dedicated school shop offers discounted prices on books, uniforms, and stationery items sourced directly from publishers. This initiative benefits students and contributes to the school's funds.
In addition, the administration has established a canteen on campus, operated by a private vendor, under strict quality control measures. The canteen offers delicious and affordable food prepared in hygienic conditions, with rates even lower than market prices, ensuring students have access to nutritious meals at school.