Fee for Sustainability

Fee for Sustainability

The Learning School operates as a not-for-profit, with fees covering essential expenses such as staff salaries, campus maintenance, and utility bills. Our dedicated team of highly qualified professionals is compensated competitively to ensure their commitment to delivering quality education.
No Trust Member get any financial benefits from the school.
Despite offering fees lower than nearby street schools, The Learning School provides superior education compared to all schools in the Kasur District. This is evidenced by our consistently excellent matriculation results and the range of extracurricular activities and facilities available to our students.
Please note that the revised fee structure will take effect from March 1, 2024.

Registration Fee
Once (at the time of Test/Interview)  - PKR 1,000

Admission Fee 
Once  - PKR 5,000

Security Deposit (Refundable)
Once - PKR 2,000

Tuition Fee (Monthly basis)
Play Group to Class-III  - PKR 3,000
Class IV to Class VII  - PKR 3,200
Class VIII  - PKR 3,500
Class IX - X  - PKR 4,200