General Secretary KDT

General Secretary KDT - Muhammad Anwar

The founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in 1947, highlighted the significance of education, had said:

“The importance of education and the type of education cannot be over-emphasized…there is no doubt that the future of our State will and must greatly depend upon the kind of education we give to our children, and how we bring them up as future citizens of Pakistan… we should not forget that we have to compete with the world which is moving very fast in this direction.”

 Article 37 of the Constitution of Pakistan also says that the State shall;

  • promote; with special care, the educational and economic interests of backward classes or areas;
  • remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within the minimum possible period.

Despite these loud and clear messages, we have failed to offer affordable quality education to every child in the country. Especially our rural population remains at the ignored end. Leaving the majority at the mercy of circumstances is not prudent when education is the critical factor determining a nation’s direction, and educated citizens help shape the future.

The Learning School established by Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust conveys two messages. First, if inspired, the citizens can do it on their own, and second: with modest efforts, vibrant communities can bridge the gap instead of only looking towards the government for charity. The Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust has internalized these messages, and today the Learning School exists to impart quality education in a less developed area inhabited by the poor and middle class. As a private, not-for-profit educational institution, it offers modern knowledge and skills in the best learning environment at an affordable price by utilizing the services of trained and committed teachers.

Besides involving the academic environment, the school inculcates values of peace, tolerance, and democracy through extracurricular activities. Some of these activities involve the community as well. Time will tell that it was a wise investment in a dream for a better future for Pakistan and a vibrant and prosperous nation.

We invite caring citizens to be part of this significant work by donating to help educate those who will be our future.

Muhammad Anwar
General Secretary,
Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust
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