This tale may appear like a fairy tale, yet it unfolds as a captivating reality.
In February 2002, a group of concerned citizens united with a common goal—to enact tangible and meaningful change within their community. Thus, the Kot Radha Kishan Development Trust (KDT) was born. Their vision was simple yet profound: to devise constructive strategies for delivering high-quality education to regions devoid of modern civic and social amenities. The inaugural initiative of KDT materialized as THE LEARNING SCHOOL, a project that continues to thrive today.
Nestled in Kot Radha Kishan, The Learning School is a testament to Pakistani civil society's voluntary spirit. The local community's unwavering support, totalling over 20 million Pak rupees, has transformed this vision into a tangible reality. The school boasts a picturesque academic block with state-of-the-art science labs, modern computer facilities, and well-stocked libraries. A dedicated faculty of sixty-five professionals ardently nurtures the educational aspirations of approximately one thousand students from impoverished and middle-class families residing in remote villages and semi-urban settlements, all on a not-for-profit basis.
Above and beyond mere education, the founders of KDT aspired to cultivate an institution that would shape young minds into assets for society and champions of peace. This noble ambition is palpable in The Learning School's ethos and activities, aimed at instilling a culture of harmony and equipping students to become ambassadors of peace within their community. Thus far, the members of KDT have realized their aspirations with resounding success, fulfilling their dreams one student at a time.

Education is not just confined to textbooks:

The Learning School (TLS) ensures students are intellectually prepared for future challenges through innovative approaches complementing the formal curriculum. With a meticulously designed curriculum, TLS emphasizes a balance between academic studies, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Special events focus on instilling values of peace and tolerance among students.
TLS, under the banner of KDT, has organized impactful seminars and celebrations. Noteworthy events include a seminar on children's participation in decision-making in 2004, the third annual day themed Unity in Diversity with Indian delegates in attendance, and Human Rights Day celebrations in collaboration with the Fazaldad Human Rights Institute in 2007. Other initiatives include seminars on educational reforms for a better Pakistan and themes like "Children as Today's Citizens."
TLS has had the privilege of hosting esteemed personalities at these events, including Mr. Imran Masood, Education Minister Punjab; Mr. Jahanian Gardizi, Minister for Literacy Punjab; His Excellency Mr. Christoph Brümmer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, and other notable figures such as district officials, representatives from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and Ms. Ayesha Javed, advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister.

Education for creating a culture of peace:

The Peace Education Project is a priority for TLS trustees, fostering a culture of peace among students and their families. Students actively promote peace within the school and society through various activities like dramas, art contests, and debates.
In an effort to involve families, KDT organized "Peace Education Fun Fairs" in 2002 and 2003, emphasizing themes of tolerance and togetherness. The inaugural TLS Annual Day 2003 centred around the theme "We Want Peace," highlighting the board's commitment to spreading peace.
Addressing tensions in the Indo-Pak region, TLS facilitated a successful visit to India in 2006 focusing on "Education for Creating a Culture of Peace." Delegates met with notable figures and participated in workshops, fostering cross-border understanding.
TLS staff also visited various schools in India, promoting peace initiatives and initiating teacher exchange programs. The warm reception and acceptance of the "Let's Make Friends" campaign reflect the shared commitment to peace between schools in both countries.

Join us in fostering positive social change in underdeveloped regions.

The Kot Radha Kishan Development Trust (KDT) has initiated this transformative journey, and we invite you to collaborate with us to broaden our impact. Together, we can expand our vision and extend our efforts to empower communities.

To sustain our forward-thinking initiatives, we have established an Educational Fund. This fund supports scholarships for deserving students and facilitates the replication of similar projects in other marginalized areas across Pakistan. Your contributions to the Educational Fund are invaluable and will directly contribute to the advancement of education and social development.

Let's work hand in hand to create a brighter future for all. Join the movement and be a part of our mission to uplift communities and build a more equitable society. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.