Transport System

Transport System

The Learning School, Kot Radha Kishen is proud to be the only school in District Kasur that is providing pick and drop facility to the students of more then 50 towns/villages, from their door steps to School. Five Coasters are the property of The Learning School. Two coasters have been hired on yearly basis that are available 24 hrs at TLS and school have its own drivers and pay for diesel. Remaining seven Coasters have been hired on monthly basis for pick & drop timings.

At TLS, 62% students avail the tranportation facility being provided by TLS. According to the details, expenditure on transportation system is more then five million and TLS collect the less charges from the students and remaining paid by itself.

TLS have one Toyota Hiace Air-Conditioned Van for pick and drop to its teaching faculty from Lahore and one Suzuki Bolan that also being used for pick and drop facilities. Nine efficient drivers are all the time available and one vehicle mechanic-cum-driver has been employed for the repairs of the vehicles. When ever any driver is on leave, mechanic drive the vehicles also.

TLS provide complimentary pick & drop facility to its all staff members to reach school. Students of the following towns/ villages are availing the pick and drop facility from their door steps on subsidize rates:-

S.No. Name of Village/Town S.No Name of Village/Town
1 Attari Ajeet Singh 28 Havaili Clarkabad (Kalan)
2 Babalyana 29 Jhullar Bhagay Wali
3 Bagailsingh Wala 30 Kot Jeetay Wali
4 Baghyarmar 31 Kot Mehtab Khan
5 Basti Chhina 32 Kot Radha Kishen
6 Bhoe Asal 33 Kot Sardar Muhammad Khan
7 Borh 34 Kot Sher Singh
8 Budhokey/Maqam 35 Longoki
9 Butt 36 Maheen Mar
10 Chak No 15 37 Marali Otar
11 Chak No 17 38 Masradas
12 Chak No 18 39 Mazbhi Wala
13 Chak No 54 (Kachi Line) 40 Mehmood Abad
14 Chak No 58 (Chooran Wala Tibba) 41 Mir Sahab
15 Chak No 59/Chak No 60 42 Mudekay
16 Chak No.55 43 Nathoki
17 Changa Manga 44 Nawan Pind (Prem Nagar)
18 Changa Manga (Canal) 45 Nayyanke
19 Chhina Arla 46 Pimar Otar
20 Clarkabad (Kalan)/ 47 Pir Gharana
21 Clarkabad (Khurd) 48 Prem Nagar
22 Deputy Wala 49 Raiwind
23 Dina Nath 50 Sidhupura
24 Ghandian/Ghandian Canal 51 Tibba Afzalabad
25 Hallarkay 52 Wan Khara
26 Handal 53 Zafarkay
27 Hanjarwal