"Time is the only resource of gift distributed equally to everyone while they are alive.
Each human being in every time zone has precisely 168 hours a week to spend.
So make today your moment of truth, your time to win."

At The Learning School, we believe that every child is unique. Therefore, all teachers at the school are directed towards developing the maximum potential of every student. At all levels, pupils are encouraged to question, investigate and analyze the world around them. These school efforts encourage a genuine desire to learn with an open mind capable of challenging and analyzing all available information.

The curriculum has been designed to encourage the usage of the child's intelligence to its optimum capacity. In addition, co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities are organized to ensure the development of a healthy mind and body.

All of the activities, the curriculum, and the religious instruction are designed in a very clever way to ensure that the children, who pass out of The Learning School, can compete in every walk of life and their positive qualities, in turn, reflect a beneficial impact on society.

Curricula and Syllabi

"Education is about challenging children and encouraging them to develop into motivated learners and thinkers, full of curiosity about the world around them and helping them to learn how to learn."

The Learning School aims to provide pupils with experiences that support, stimulate and structure a child's learning and bring about a progression of understanding appropriate to the pupil's needs and abilities.

Special Days

All important days are commemorated with enthusiasm and zeal. Other significant dates on the international calendar, such as those highlighting environmental awareness and children's rights, are appropriately observed. Well-attended Open Days allow parents to view their children's beautiful art and craft displays or to applaud their stage presentations and tableau.

Educational Trips

Visits and excursions to national, historical, cultural, or educational interests are standard features of school life. They are designed to encourage learning through personal observation. These field trips are generally related to the curriculum. Security and prevailing local conditions are primary considerations at the planning stage, and parental consent is a prerequisite for a student to go on a trip.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our firm conviction that learning is not confined only to the classroom alone is confirmed by a wide range of activities designed to increase the development of a well-balanced personality.

Debating, elocution, poetry, recitation, music, and drama are some of the co-curricular activities primarily focused upon;

The morning assembly, a regular feature of life in The Learning School, offers an ideal forum for students, especially those in the junior classes, to participate in the presentations made to the entire school. These presentations, varying from morning recitation to project activities or current events, provide an invaluable spur to developing self-confidence.

Annual Events

Events such as debates, food festivals and talent shows are essential to the academic year. These functions polish drama, script writing skills, stage direction, and creativity, providing healthy and meaningful interaction between the students.

Sports Activities

The Learning School emphasizes the importance of a healthy body that accompanies a healthy mind. Sports are our school's tradition, from cricket and handball to table tennis and badminton. The Learning School annually arranges sports events for every age group present. The winners are awarded attractive prizes to motivate the participating students and lure their minds towards these healthy sports.


Our students are encouraged to deliver mini-speeches and make announcements at school assemblies and functions from their earliest years. It prepares them for a more high-profile role when the most verbally adept participate in debates, addresses, and speeches on serious or humorous subjects.

The exciting parliamentary-style debates result from the training and experience pupils receive as they progress through school. In addition, the international parliamentary style encourages pupils to participate in national and international events.