Winner never stop Learning at The Learning School

"Once a student has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It's something we call heat power.
Once a student has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success."


If a student wants to pursue his education from The Learning School, the administration requests his/her parents to visit the campus. Parents first get an admission form from the school's office and pay a non-refundable registration fee of one hundred rupees. The applicants are later requested to fill out the form on campus. Upon the submission of this form, they are given a date and time for their children to appear. On this date, the student arrives for an interview and an assessment test. If the student has the potential and passes out, TLS feels proud to have him on campus. The school's team and the teachers give their best efforts to galvanize the mind of this young soul so that he not only brightens his future, but also turns out to be an asset of the society.

Announcement of Results

The school's staff updates the parents with the results of the interview and the assessment test. If the student gets through these stages, the school's accountant issues a fee voucher to the parents. The tuition fee for one month is to be paid within a stipulated time period specified by the accountant. After the admission, the parents are to submit the following documents:

  • Original School Leaving Certificate of previous school (if applicable)
  • Admission fee receipt
  • The security deposit receipt
  • A copy of the receipt of paid Admission Fee voucher,
  • Two passport-size photographs of the candidate,
  • Photocopy of the birth certificate
  • All information provided by parents should be correct and fee should be paid by the specified dates. Failure to do so results in the cancellation of admission.


  • Uniform must be clean and neatly pressed.
  • Black shoes must be cleaned regularly.
  • Girls may not wear jewelry, including rings, chains, bracelets and glass bangles. Parents are advised to restrict gold earrings to small studs. The use of multi-coloured ribbons, hair bands and clips is prohibited.
  • Boys may not come to school with long hair or untidy haircuts.
  • The following breaches of discipline are strictly forbidden during school hours or on school property at anytime and offenders are liable to suspension;
  • Bringing pets, record players, tape recorders, radios, video games and cards to school, lending or borrowing money.
  • Keeping or carrying unauthorized medicines. Betting, gambling and lotteries or other games of chance.
  • Breaking bounds during school hours. Failure to attend classes or to participate in activities of the school without proper cause.
  • Insubordination or failure to obey instructions.
  • The following are strictly forbidden and offenders may be expelled from the school. The Principal or Head of School shall be the final judge.
  • Using unfair means in examinations and tests.
  • Stealing
  • Indulgence in immoral acts.
  • Rudeness to staff, including verbal abuse or physical assault.
  • Continually indulging in activities, which may cause disaffection or discontentment amongst others.
  • Keeping or carrying firearms, Knives or weapons of any sort.
  • Smoking or using drugs or intoxicants.
  • Expressing disrespect by word or deed for the school, its property and its rules.
  • Distributing undesirable printed material/books/magazines.
  • Consistently poor academic performance.
  • Refusal to pay school fees/ dues.
  • Endangering the safety of others.

Rules of Conduct

  • Punctuality is essential
  • Late arrivals must report to the late arrival duty teacher. Lateness may result in the student being sent home.
  • Students may not leave the school premises before the end of the school day unless prior permission is obtained from the Head of School.
  • Correct school uniform must be worn to school, in school, and on the way home from school.
  • A student who has been absent must, on return to school, bring a note signed by a parent. This note must state the dates of absence, the reason for the absence, the name and class of the student.
  • If a test or examination is missed because of illness, a medical certificate must accompany the note from the parent.
  • Causing physical injury to others or using offensive language is unacceptable behavior and might result in suspension.
  • Respect for school property and for the property of others must be inculcated from early childhood. In cases of deliberate damage, parents will bear the expenses incurred by their children.
  • Each student will obey the following classroom rules, which are based on courtesy, common sense and consideration for others:
  • Arrive on time and be fully prepared for each class. Only enter the classroom at the discretion of the teacher. Obey the instructions of the teacher.
  • Do not act in a way, which interferes with the rights of others to learn. Refrain from engaging in offensive behavior and use offensive language.
  • Do not chew a gum, eat or drink in class. At the end of a class, leave the room clean and tidy and do not depart until directed by the teacher.

Parents - Teachers Meeting

Parents-teachers meetings, held at least thrice a year, are obligatory for parents to attend because they give them an ideal opportunity to confer with their child's class teacher. Parents who wish to meet a teacher at any other time may do so only by prior appointment made through the Head of School. If a teacher wishes to meet a parent, he sends intimation through the school homework diary or by a letter. Meetings usually take place in the presence of the Principal, Vice Principal or the Section Coordinator.

Assessment / Interview

For Nursery class, an informal individual assessment test is administered to the child.
K.G to Class 12
Applicants undertake a written test in Core Subjects.