TLS System

TLS System

The Learning School results from the hard work and creative efforts of concerned citizens of Kot Radha Kishan (Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan), who envisioned a happy and caring atmosphere for our children to evolve into role models for the future. As a result, TLS is a Centre of Excellence where parents can send their children confidently.

We at TLS reflect a clear sense of purpose shared amongst all involved with the school. Our school is a welcoming place where all those who work feel a sense of belonging. At the TLS, we have created an environment that is rich and stimulating and where the confidence of young children is nurtured.

Our Mission

At The Learning School, we meet the local community's need for a comprehensive, high-quality English-medium education, preparing our students for life-long learning so that they may become effective and successful members of the local, national and international community.

We Aim

  • To enable learners to benefit from a curriculum that is rigorously planned to ensure breadth, balance, depth, and relevance and consider their needs and aspirations.
  • To provide a curriculum that offers challenge and learning experiences
  • To empower our learners through participation that rewards their achievements.
  • To prepare our students for life, equipped with the skills and adaptability to cope confidently in a rapidly changing world. In addition, we aim:
  • To be aware of and to respond to the changing educational needs.
  • To strive to attain the highest standards of international education.
  • To make use of the opportunities for the enrichment of the curriculum.
  • To afford all proper staff opportunities for performance appraisal and professional development

School & College System

The school is planned till Matriculate (10th class) and College till F.Sc . F.A. (12th Class) and the whole system is divided into four sections:-

Section Age Class
Preparatory 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 years Nursery to KG
Junior 6 to 1o yers Class I to V
Senior 10+ to 13 years Class Vi to IX
Majors 13+ to 18 years Class X - XII / O level (planned)


School follows National Curriculum through grade VII. The school curriculum is BROAD as it introduces each pupil to a wide range of concepts, experiences, knowledge, and skills. BALANCED as each curriculum area is allowed sufficient time for its contribution to be effective. RELEVANT as all subjects prepare pupils for opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.


What is taught and taught is matched to individual pupils and develops their abilities and aptitudes.
The emphasis in TLS is on providing students with the very best education that stand s in comparison to the top schools in the country

Delivery of the Curriculum

The experience and expertise of the staff are used carefully to ensure the successful delivery of the curriculum. A variety of teaching methods is used because we believe that individual children respond in different ways, and therefore a flexible approach is necessary.

English Speaking and Listening

This area of development is the basis for all other subjects. We foster this skill by encouraging communication between adults and children and between children themselves. Reading: We encourage children to read other books and to borrow regularly from the class boxes. As parents, we hope you will play a vital role in helping your child to read: - by talking about stories:
  • by reading stories to your child
  • by helping a child read their reading books Writing: In school, children are given situations to write about and they are encouraged to practice this skill frequently


At TLS we use a published scheme in order to teach the sounds of individual letters and of letter combinations. We encourage children to look for patterns in words and to use word banks and dictionaries in the classrooms.


Correct letter formation is taught to children from the beginning of school. We expect all children to take pride in the clear, legible, and attractive work presentation.


To help establish concepts, we give children an opportunity to use practical problem solving situations, in addition to careful questioning and teaching.


We involve the children in singing, listening to music moving to music and percussion work.

Physical Education

An emphasis is placed upon participating in physical activities at the child's level so that enjoyment is coupled with an awareness of the need to keep oneself safe. In this way, children develop and acquire skills and techniques progressively.


Much of the work done by the children involves knowledge development and practical investigation through projects. It is an area of the curriculum that children usually enjoy with their natural curiosity. Computers: Students at TLS get an opportunity to learn basic computer skills. Art & Design Technology Children enjoy expressing by use of colour and pattern. Art provides pleasure, increases confidence. We use a range of materials like paper, glue and clay.

Assessment Pattern

Preparation Section pupils are continuously monitored to assess performance and behavior. Monthly progress reports are sent home to keep parents fully informed about their child's progress/growth. In class 1 to XII, assessment is through class tests, Terminal Examinations, and Annual Examination. Based on class tests, monthly progress reports will be sent out to the parents. The entire year's work is assessed in an Annual Examination, and promotion is determined on the performance indicated in-class tests: terminal Examination and Annual Examination. The Principal can recommend withdrawal if a student's performance is fragile. The report cards sent to the parents / Guardians are not be retained by them and are to be returned duly signed.