Play and Learning Methods

We Want Peace - TLS 1st Annual Day - 20 April 2003

In 2003, the first academic year of The Learning School had passed successfully. The administration, thus, planned a wonderful event to celebrate this day. Since they had planned to increase the number of students, they also had to manage an increase in the number of class rooms. The event also marked a turning point in the structure of the academic block, as the foundations of new classrooms were laid.

On 20 April 2003,The Learning School arranged its first annual day with the theme "We want Peace". Mian Imran Masood, Minister of Education, Punjab, and Mr Arno Keller, Resident Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation were the Chief Guests.

Other honorable guests included Mr Zafarullah Khan, Syed Tauseeq Haider, Rao Mazhar Hayat, (MNA Candidate) and Sardar Shaukat Ali, MPA of the Punjab Assembly. Numerous songs, shows and performances made the event a memorable one. The parents, journalists, teachers, and elected representatives appreciated the progress of the school by participating considerably in this event.

The first block of the campus was constructed mainly from the personal contributions of the board of trustees. To recognize the moral and technical support of Mr Arno Keller for the village and the school -who was moving to Egypt as the regional director Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Middle East Region, on a new assignment- the block was named as the "ARNO KELLER BLOCK".

Mian Imran Masood laid the foundation of the third section of the academic block of the institution. The management acknowledges the support of TVO (Trust for Voluntary Organization) in the construction. In February 2002, the newly established KDT applied to the Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO), Islamabad, for funds needed for construction of the class rooms. Later, the purpose of the funds was revised to the creation of a hall, a science lab, and a fully maintained library. After a year, TVO granted the school a sum of 2,465,000 Rupees that were utilized in this next phase of development. Mr Imran Masood , also laid the foundation of these extentions of the academic block and the projected was successfully completed on 15th August 2003. TVO, later, also agreed to pay the salaries of eight teachers for the upcoming academic year.

Educational Reforms for a Better Pakistan 4th & 5th Annual Day of TLS, 22 April 2007

22nd April 2007 was a very important date in The Learning School's history. The administration arranged the 4th & 5th Annual day, with the theme "Educational Reforms for a Better Pakistan". More than one thousand citizens and eight hundred students of The Learning School attended this beautiful event.

Education is necessary for a nation's development. While addressing the audience in this ceremony, the guests expressed their views on the education being provided in Pakistan. DCO Kasur, Mr. Saeed Akhtar Ansari, highlighted the efforts made by the government for Educational reforms in his speech at The Learning School. Mr. Naveed Hashim Rizvi, Tehsil Nazim Kasur, highlighted the efforts being made- at the local level- to improve the standards of education in the area. Ms Ayesha Javed, the Chairperson of Human Rights Task Force Punjab, also gave her speech on Developing Students personality for Humane Pakistan.

Mr. Qindeel Shujaat, Executive Director SPARC, told the audience about the Role of Civil Society in promoting educational reforms. Ms Ellen Gölz, First Secretary of Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Islamabad, expressed his views about the quality education and his knowledge from global experience, especially from the German Model. Students of TLS highlighted the need of educational reforms through their drama and plays. Thus the importance of education was very clearly highlighted in this event.

The Learning School, itself, is a beautiful example of efforts being done to promote education. The faculty and the administration have always worked very hard to achieve this aim of spreading quality education in the area. Simultaneously, a school is nothing without bright and dexterous students. At the end of the annul day, prizes were distributed among the position holder students by the guests. The guests also fully appreciated the role of the mentors who had galvanized the minds of these young students. They gave the institution a big round of applause. Thus, the annual day successfully boosted the morale and gave the students and their teachers a fresh start for a new academic year.

Children's Participation in Decision Making - TLS 2nd Annual Day - 13 October 2004

The second annual day of The Learning School was arranged on 13th October 2001 with the theme "Children's Participation in Decision Making". Also the honorable chief guests of the 1st annual day, Minister of education Punjab, Mian Imran Masood, and Mr. Peter-Andreas Bochmann, Resident Representative, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Pakistan were the chief guests.

They, along with Mr. Anees Jillani, National Coordinator, SPARC, Haji Muhammad Dogar, Secretary, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore, Mr. Zaigham Mehmood Siddiqui, EDO (Education) Kasur, Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar, Chairman Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust and Mr. Mujibur Rahman Qadri, Principal, The Learning School, Kot Radha Kishen, very kindly enlightened the audience with their speeches. More than 1500 citizens participated the seminar.

A strong link was established with the public and hall-packed audience appreciated and gave applause to the prize winners. Students, in colorful dresses, also prepared a P.T show for the guests. The chairman of KDT, Dr. Noor Ahmad Akhtar, presented a brief annual report of the school's progress and the achievements. The principal of the Learning school, Mr. Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman Qadri, also gave comprehensive introduction of the life sketch of the Learning school. He also pinpointed the devotion of schools staff members and brought in to light that whole staff is highly learned and educated equipped with modern teaching skills and methods.

Mian Imran Masood along with Haji Muhammad Dogar, Secretary, Board of Intermediate & Secondary, Lahore visited the class rooms, the science laboratory, and the library and appreciated the hard work. The parents and the invitees were seen enjoying the event which made that year's event, like the previous year ones, a memorable one.

6th Annual Day - Children as Today's Citizen - 28 April 2008

The Learning School Kot Radha Kishen arranged its 6th Annual day on Monday, 28th April 2008. The theme of the day was "Children as Today's Citizens". A seminar was arranged in the school ground. The place was decorated according to the topic of the day. The whole school was ornamented with various pictures of children; they were portrayed as responsible citizens. All the students were invited along with their parents. There were around 1,500 people present at this colorful occasion.

Many renowned international, national and local figures were present at the occasion. The Chief Guest at this occasion was Dr. Stefan Melnik from Germany, who is an international trainer in many fields, education being one of them. Other prominent Guests Speakers were Mr. Peter Andreas Bochmann; Mrs. Ayesha Javed, Member of Punjab Provincial Assembly; Mr. Naveed Hashim Rizvi, Tehsil Nazim Kasur, and Dr. Tariq Aziz, General Secretary, Pakistan Medical Physicians Society.

Little students of the school welcomed the Guest Speakers with elegant bouquets. The function was organized with all the dedication of teachers, students, and administration. Students presented plays, mime, skits, tableau, and songs, which especially were prepared according to the theme of the event. All of the programs were organized by teachers along with the students. The programs were eye-catching enough to grab the attention of the audience but the cultural show was declared as the best program of the day; A cash prize was granted, by the administration, to the teachers who prepared that show. All the brilliant students, who procured first, second and third position in their respective classes from Nursery till the 10th grade, received their shields from the Guests.

For the first time, a new tradition was initiated at this occasion, the best student of the school Rida Zainab from 8th Class was rewarded with a "Dr. Tariq Aziz Gold Medal" and cash prize, which was arranged with the contribution and generosity of Dr Tariq Aziz. All commendable guests addressed the audience. Chiefly, they encouraged the students and propagated the topic of the day. Chairman of the Trust, Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar, and the Principal of The Learning School, Group Captain Dildar Ahmed Baloch, thanked the Guest Speakers and the audience for their contribution and interest shown in The Learning School's seminars.

Unity in Diversity - TLS 3rd Annual Day

The Annual days of The Learning School always follow a theme for the speeches and the entertainment shows that follow. Celebrated on 12th April 2005, the third annual day was based on the theme, "Unity in Diversity".

It was a great honour for the school that His Excellency Mr Christoph Brümmer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Hussain Jahanian Gardaizi, Punjab Minister for Literacy & Non-Formal Education, Mr Hubertus von Welck, Regional Director, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Mr Peter-Andreas Bochmann Country Director, FNSt , and Mr Rana Imtaiz Ahmed Khan ,District Nazim Kasur, were some of the guests.

Nine Indian guests also gave the school a visit on this special day. They, together with more than twelve hundred citizens, celebrated the three years of success of the School. Students had prepared cheerful dramas and other shows which were appreciated by the audience.