TLS 1st Annual Day

We Want Peace - TLS 1st Annual Day - 20 April 2003

In 2003, the first academic year of The Learning School had passed successfully. The administration, thus, planned a fantastic event to celebrate this day. Since they had intended to increase the number of students, they also had to manage an increase in the number of classrooms. The event also marked a turning point in the structure of the academic block as the foundation stone of additional classrooms was laid down.

On 20th April 2003, The Learning School arranged its first annual day with "We Want Peace." Mian Imran Masood, Minister of Education, Punjab, and Mr Arno Keller, Resident Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, were the Chief Guests.

Other honourable guests included Mr Zafarullah Khan, Syed Tauseeq Haider, Rao Mazhar Hayat (MNA Candidate), and Sardar Shaukat Ali, MPA of the Punjab Assembly. Numerous songs, shows, and performances made the event a memorable one. The parents, journalists, teachers, and elected representatives appreciated the school's progress by participating considerably in this event.

The first block of the campus was constructed mainly from the personal contributions of the board of trustees. To recognize the moral and technical support of Mr Arno Keller for the village and the school -who was moving to Egypt as the regional director of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Middle East Region, on a new assignment- the block named theĀ "ARNO KELLER BLOCK."

Mian Imran Masood laid the foundation of the institution's third section of the academic block. The management acknowledges the support of TVO (Trust for Voluntary Organization) in the construction. In February 2002, the newly established KDT applied to the Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO), Islamabad, to construct the classrooms. Later, the Trust revised its request to build a hall, a science lab, and a fully maintained library. After a year, TVO granted the school a sum of 2,465,000 Rupees utilized in this next development phase. Mr Imran Masood also laid the foundation for these extensions of the academic block and completed them by 15th August 2003. TVO later agreed to pay eight teachers' salaries for the upcoming academic year.