News at The Learning School

Sobia Kazim attended two weeks seminar in Germany

TLS is proud that Ms Sobia Kazim attended two weeks seminar conducted by the International Academy of Leadership, at Gummersbach, Germany on "Strengthening Political Youth Organizations" from 7th to 19th November 2010, There were 26 participants in the Seminar from 21 countries i.e., the regions of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Russia. So different nations were going to be united under one roof of IAF for few days to discuss and share about their experiences, observations, challenges and conflicts while working for/with youth organizations.

These experiences will be really helpful to make quality education available for the students of TLS in every way. The workshop consisted of working group discussions, role plays, excursions, open discussions and presentations. Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Für die Freihet (FNF), Pakistan Office selected Ms Sobia on the basis of her performance during training workshops and nominated for a two month online seminar. In which after getting 6th position out of 82 participants she was selected to attend Seminar in International Academy of Leadership, Germany.


Gogi Comics at TLS

TLS always steps forward to provide the opportunity to its students to learn novel things. On 4th September 2010, the school conducted a training workshop on cartoon sketching. The students were taught how to draw cartoons. For the purpose Nigar Nazar; the first woman cartoonist of Pakistan and of the Muslim world was among us.

The program started at 10 am in the city Hall, Kot Radha Kishen. Almost 600 students  from calss three to ten (age group 8 to 16 years) were attending this training workshop on cartoon sketching. As the students entered the hall they were given the attractive sketch books and led pencils for drawing.

After the welcome note by TLS, Ms Nigar Nazar amuses the students with her sketching skills. After giving a short description on the place of art in our life she demonstrated the art of drawing. She used her cartoons and animations as a mean to entertain, disseminate social messages and for the promotion of education for all. Stories on the subject of social issues were viewed on the big screen. Students enjoyed and learnt a lot about the art of sketching and animating.

2010-09-04-gogi_comics-0062aMost interesting part of program was the entry of ‘gogi' Muppet who also shared her thoughts on the sensitive issues of the society. Letting the students know about good and bad behaviour. Poor social approach towards education, gender and cleanliness were also shared with students. Although ‘gogi comics' was here to provide entertainment yet their message was thought provoking as well.


German Embassy support for Construction of Class Rooms

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Islamabad has granted Rupees two million for the construction of six class rooms at TLS Campus. The constuction work will start from 1st April 2010 and will be completed within three months. 150-200 more students of the rural area will be able to get the admission on completion of these class rooms.

TLS team members and citizens of the area much appreciated the grant and assured its proper utilization.

Dr. Klaff put foundation stone at TLS

Dr. René Klaff, Regional Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty. South Asia visited TLS on 1st March 2010 and put the foundation stone for construction of class rooms for extension of TLS campus. Mr. Olaf Kellerhoff, Resident Representative, FNF Pakistan also accompanied him. Dr. Klaff visited the class rooms, met the TLS team members and appreciated the discipline of the students.

TLS Principal, Ms Asma Pervez explained the guests about the efforts being made  by TLS to provide quality eduction to rural area studnets.


TLS Principal attended seminar in Germany

TLS Principal, Ms Asma Kiran Pervez attended two weeks seminar conducted by the International Academy of Leadership, at Gummersbach, Germany on No Education, No Freedom.  24 participants from 20 countries  were the participants and they shared their experience that will be helpful for The Learning School also to provide the purposeful quality education to the children of rural area of Kasur district. Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freihet (FNF), Pakistan Office seleted her  on the basis of her performance during the last several training workshops that is also part of further training system at TLS.


TLS Team Leaders attending PR Workshop

Public Relations is the main task for the team leaders of any organisation. Principal TLS Ms Asma Kiran Pervez and Vice Principal TLS Mr Ali Ahmed are attending three days Training Workshop on Public Relations-II, being conducted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freadom, at Karachi, from 30th January till 1st February 2010. The workshop focus on concept and strategy.

Fifteen paticipations from partner organisations of FNF are attending it.