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Sobia Kazim attended two weeks seminar in Germany

TLS is proud that Ms Sobia Kazim attended two weeks seminar conducted by the International Academy of Leadership, at Gummersbach, Germany on "Strengthening Political Youth Organizations" from 7th to 19th November 2010, There were 26 participants in the Seminar from 21 countries i.e., the regions of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Russia. So different nations were going to be united under one roof of IAF for few days to discuss and share about their experiences, observations, challenges and conflicts while working for/with youth organizations.

These experiences will be really helpful to make quality education available for the students of TLS in every way. The workshop consisted of working group discussions, role plays, excursions, open discussions and presentations. Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Für die Freihet (FNF), Pakistan Office selected Ms Sobia on the basis of her performance during training workshops and nominated for a two month online seminar. In which after getting 6th position out of 82 participants she was selected to attend Seminar in International Academy of Leadership, Germany.

Her visit to Germany will not only be beneficial for the students of the rural areas but also for the working staff of TLS in form of further trainings, held in the school during every summer vacation.

TLS is heartily thankful to the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Für die Freihet (FNF), for providing such a fully sponsored workshop in Germany.

sobia2At the same time TLS is also offering its very effective role in letting the teachers to participate in such national and international seminars which is really venerable. The school offers such opportunities very candidly on merit basis to its staff off and on. This is not the first and the last in the history of TLS as it was started in 2003 as a large group of teachers visited India for a week by TLS. Teachers were also given opportunity to visit Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Germany etc.

TLS will keep such marvelous steps up in the future also for the betterment of the area as its aim is to spread the awareness always.

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