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TLS Started Classes on 8th April 2002

The Learning School started its classes on 8th April 2002. The first phase of the school campus (8,500 sq ft) comprising 12 class rooms, corridor and verandah was completed just within two months. The foundation laying work started in the 3rd week of February.

The school is situated 200 meters away from the main road. The landlords in the surroundings co-operated a lot and made their land available for a 20 feet wide link road. Eid holidays, rain, theft or electricity wire and such hurdles came in the way during last two months. One thing, which never lacked in the process, was the will to achieve the objective – completion of first phase and start of classes on 8th April 2002.

The commitment reflects through the advertisement for staff required, in national press on 10th February 2002; the very next Sunday after the digging ceremony. After the advertisement several candidates visited the site to see their future school but were worried that still it is start to construct of the school and were commenting that this is a NGO school and want to earn funds from donors through these tactics and it is not possible even to start the school within one year. Tasks within two months were:

  • Construction of the school building comprising 12 class rooms (8,500 sq ft)
  • Selection of the school staff and their orientation training
  • Admissions started for students from 1st April 2002
  • Transport arrangements for pick and drop to the students and teachers from Kot Radha Kishan and surrounding villages.
  • Selection of the Uniform.
  • Selection of the syllabus that should be approved by the Government and useful and cheaper for our students.
  • Arrangements of the generators, electricity and construction of the road towards school from the main road.
  • The most important task was to involve the community in the whole process and they should realize that it is their own school and they should send their children to the school, for which every week-end visits to different villages were arranged, video presentations through multimedia was showing the under-construction building and our future plans.
  • As the school is one kilometer away from the town, so citizens were hesitating to visit the site and to see our efforts of constructing the building speedily, so on every week-end a video recording of the under construction building, commitment of the contractor, masons, workers, and the interview of the Trust Chairman that why they are going to establish the school and what will be benefit to citizens were made and in the evening playing it through local cable network, that was much easy way for its advertisement. Some flayers were also prepared and distributed in whole the town with the story that it will be their own school and for their own children etc.
  • Another important task was the name of the school that should be suitable with the commitment of the citizens and also should be familiar to the community. Several names were suggested by the friends. THE LEARNING SCHOOL was suggested by Mr. Zafarullah Khan (now Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan) that was immediately approved by all the trust members.

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