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Gogi Comics at TLS

TLS always steps forward to provide the opportunity to its students to learn novel things. On 4th September 2010, the school conducted a training workshop on cartoon sketching. The students were taught how to draw cartoons. For the purpose Nigar Nazar; the first woman cartoonist of Pakistan and of the Muslim world was among us.

The program started at 10 am in the city Hall, Kot Radha Kishen. Almost 600 students  from calss three to ten (age group 8 to 16 years) were attending this training workshop on cartoon sketching. As the students entered the hall they were given the attractive sketch books and led pencils for drawing.

After the welcome note by TLS, Ms Nigar Nazar amuses the students with her sketching skills. After giving a short description on the place of art in our life she demonstrated the art of drawing. She used her cartoons and animations as a mean to entertain, disseminate social messages and for the promotion of education for all. Stories on the subject of social issues were viewed on the big screen. Students enjoyed and learnt a lot about the art of sketching and animating.

2010-09-04-gogi_comics-0062aMost interesting part of program was the entry of ‘gogi' Muppet who also shared her thoughts on the sensitive issues of the society. Letting the students know about good and bad behaviour. Poor social approach towards education, gender and cleanliness were also shared with students. Although ‘gogi comics' was here to provide entertainment yet their message was thought provoking as well.

After wonderful acts and documentary of gogi comics, the chairman of KDT Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar thanked the guests to share their skills and thoughts with the students of such an area where these opportunities are lacking.

Then the Principal TLS, Ms Asma Kiran Parvez also paid her gratitude to the ‘Gogi Comics' for their visit and share their valuable time with TLS students.

At the end gogi again came out and distributed interesting story books and school bags to all 600 students. This was no doubt an exciting moment for all the students to have these things. In the way, program ended and so many smiles were left on the faces of students. Of course this is the pride of The Learning School only to arrange such activities in Kot Radha Kishen.

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