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Children as Today's Citizen - 6th Annual Day - 28 April 2008

TLS arranged its 6th Annual Day with the theme "Children as Today's Citizen"on 28 April 2008. Among the Guests were Dr. Stefan Melnik from Germany Mr. Peter Andreas Bochmann; Mrs. Ayesha Javed, Member of Punjab Provincial Assembly; Mr. Naveed Hashim Rizvi, Tehsil Nazim Kasur and Dr.Tariq Aziz, General Secretary, Pakistan Medical Physicians Society.

The Learning School Kot Radha Kishen arranged its 6th Annual day on Monday, 28th April 2008. The theme of the day was "Children as Today's Citizens". A seminar was arranged in the school ground. The place was decorated according to the topic of the day. The whole school was ornamented with various pictures of children; they were portrayed as responsible citizens. All the students were invited along with their parents. There were around 1,500 people present at this colourful occasion.

Many renowned international, national and local figures were present at the occasion. The Chief Guest at this occasion was Dr. Stefan Melnik from Germany, who is an international trainer in many fields, education being one of them. Other prominent Guests Speakers were Mr. Peter Andreas Bochmann; Mrs. Ayesha Javed, Member of Punjab Provincial Assembly; Mr. Naveed Hashim Rizvi, Tehsil Nazim Kasur and Dr. Dr. Tariq Aziz, General Secretary, Pakistan Medical Physicians Society.

Little students of the school welcomed the Guest Speakers with elegant bouquets. The function was organized with all the dedication of teachers, students and administration. Students presented plays, mime, skits, tableau and songs, which specially were prepared according to the theme of the event. All of the programs were organized by teachers along with the students. The programs were eye-catching enough to grab the attention of the audience but the cultural show was declared as the best program of the day; A cash prize was granted, by the administration, to the teachers who prepared that show. All the brilliant students, who procured first, second and third position in their respective classes from Nursery till the 10th grade, received their shields from the Guests.

For the first time a new tradition was initiated at this occasion, the best student of the school Rida Zainab from 8th Class was rewarded with a "Dr. Tariq Aziz Gold Medal" and cash prize, which was arranged with the contribution and generosity of Dr Tariq Aziz. All commendable guests addressed the audience. Chiefly, they encouraged the students and propagated the topic of the day. Chairman of the Trust, Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar, and the Principal of The Learning School, Group Captain Dildar Ahmed Baloch, thanked the Guest Speakers and the audience for their contribution and interest shown in The Learning School's seminars.

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