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Education on Tolerance & Peace - 28 Nov 03

Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust organized a colourfull and creative funfair in The Learning School on 27th November 2003 to preach the message of love, tolerance, peace, harmony and patience among the people of the vicinity belonging to all fields of life. The Learning School Kot Radha Kishen under KDT is playing its role in a unique way by starting the project of “Education on Tolerance and Peace”. The basic aim of the school is to highlight and evoke the creative abilities of the children in such a way that they would become the messenger of Tolerance and Peace and holistically promote the culture of patience, forbearance, temperament and tolerance.

The Learning School has become a trendsetter in the area and successfully keeping its traditions by arranging second Funfair on day after Eid (Tarru) to create and develop the atmosphere of friendship, peace and tolerance by calling all and sundry at one platform to share their feelings, ideas, emotions and creative abilities to remove all grudges and malice from their hearts.

More than three thousand people participated in this program very enthusiastically in which a large number of ladies and children watched and participated in different items and won different beautiful prizes. The students of The Learning School showed their talent, skills and creative ability by presenting multi coloured items like Naat, Welcome anthem, speeches on tolerance and skits on tolerance, peace and moral values, grand PT Show and wonderful Gymnastic Show and one a great appraisal by the audience.

Mr. Colonel Mehmood Ahmed (Kot Radha Kishen) and Wing Commander (Islamabad) were the chief guests of the show and Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar, Chairman of Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust presided over the program and gave away prizes to the winners and participants of different events.

Besides this renowned educationists, journalists, politicians, and other professionals like bank managers, industrialists, and religious Ulemas expressed their views and feelings on tolerance, which is the need of the time for the establishment of peaceful society.

More than 100 wall clocks and two thousand key chains with the message of “Fight hate and promote tolerance” were given away among all the participants and guests. Even women, old, young and children belonging to multi fields of life delivered speeches on tolerance and won prizes.

In this show Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust also arranged various entertaining programs not only for children but for young and old generation as well. Different swings, stalls, sports activities, magic show, and music show was also arranged by PTV artists to entertain the audience and enhance their Eid joys with the reconsolidation of the message and slogan of “Tolerance”.

While addressing the great number of audience Dr. Noor Ahmed Akhtar said that the values of tolerance, forbearance, patience, generosity, peace and love are not new for our society. Our religion Islam also gives the same message and our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the greatest model of all these moral values in the world. The Learning School and Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust are also making their utmost efforts to make the region peaceful and prosperous by giving moral education to its inhabitants.

In the end Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Qadri Principal of The Learning School also shared his words with audience and appreciated the efforts done by the Trustees of Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust. He says though the network of NGOs all over Pakistan claim high and workless, yet Kot Radha Kishen Development Trust has proved that they are ready to make the most of their resources to succeed in their noble efforts, as the trustees of the Trust and the staff of The Learning School, are committed to a cause. He emphasized on the children and students’ rights and described that they too have their self respect and condemn physical punishment of students. He further says that by the grace of God Almighty very soon we are going to produce very useful effective, moderate and tolerate generation for Pakistan’s brighter future through The Learning School.
Kot Radha Kishen Development displayed more than 100 banners in different villages and in Kot Radha Kishen with the message “Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance”. More than 2,500 key chains and caps with the slogan of Tolerance were also distributed amongst the audience.

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