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Teachers Day Celebrations

Teachers play a major role to build up a society. They enlighten our lives and guide us towards betterment. Whatever is learnt from the teacher remains with student through out the life. So the teacher is the mender of future generation. To recognize the world about the invaluable services of teachers ‘Teachers' day is observed through out the world on every 5th of September.

The Learning School always comes forward to regard and encourage its teachers at each and every step. Because we believe that the teachers can surely strengthen the character of our students.

Teachers' day is the exact time when students show their affection towards teachers. Exactly the same thing happened in TLS on 5th September 2010. Students paid gratitude to their teachers by presenting them cards and to bow in front of them to show deep respect. The principal of TLS also delivered a short lecture on the place and importance of a teacher in the lives of students.

On the teachers' day in TLS in the very first period the proctors of the classes were given the task to teach the classes in the same way as their teachers do daily. It proved an amazing activity as the students really enjoyed to perform as teacher and really felt for their teachers that how do they handle the class and teach at the same time. At that time class teachers stayed back in the classes watching the activity.

At the end teachers commented on the activities. Teachers also submitted reports on the proctors' performances to the principal.

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